Students for a Democratic Society returns from the ashes of Vietnam

The once prominent anti-war youth movement Students for a Democratic Society is back. The organization held the very first protest against the Vietnam War in Washington D.C., in April 1965. It has now been brought back to protest the war in Iraq, by two frustrated high school students and a former member now in his late 60s. The complete story of SDS's return was described in detail in this AlterNet article.

I'm not surprised that a well known organization from the Vietnam era has returned to protest Iraq, considering the many parallels between the two conflicts. Obviously the Iraq war is a lot more complicated with so many religious sects and regional powers involved. But, the core argument that Neo-cons spout in favor of prolonging the madness is virtually the same argument used during Vietnam. They claim that if we pull out now the Iraq will fall into complete chaos, which will spread throughout the entire region and threaten America. Of course there is some truth to that, if we pull now Iraq will fall into a worse civil war than its already in right now (a terrible situation that they have put us in). However, the doomsday scenarios are blown way out of proportion. On January 28, 2007, the San Francisco Chronicle published an article titled "Doubt cast on Dire exit scenarios", one of the most important and unnoticed MSM (main stream media) articles written this year. The article casts serious doubt on the Neo-Con's rhetoric about Saudi and Iranian involvement in wake of a hypothetical pullout.