Why We Fight.

It is often suggested by the right-wing supporters of this war (a war that has cost almost half a trillion dollars, 3,200 American lives, and at least 59,000 Iraqi lives) that we are fighting them over there, so we don't have to fight them here at home.  That somehow if we left Iraq, the terrorists would follow us back. This is laughable.

First of all, how would they follow us? Would they sneak a ride on a cargo ship? or a magic carpet perhaps? I think not. Also, the Iraq war has been a wonderful thing for Al-Qaeda. Because of it, they are getting more recruits and power than ever before. In fact I would say they are fighting us over there, so that they don't have to come here. Attacking the United States is not an easy thing to do.

We have placed over 140,000, Americans in Iraq, where terrorists can target Americans with relative ease. We aren't only making it easier for terrorist to attack Americans abroad, but if they ever, god forbid, manage to pull off a large scale attack on the United States, who would defend us here? We have sent a major percentage of the national guard to Iraq!

So to recap, the war makes it easier for terrorists to attack Americans, strengthens terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, and makes us less prepared for an attack at home. But hey, at least Halliburton is making record profits.