John Edwards, Dont Endorse!

I am an Obama supporter. Have been for over a year. I have, however, a great amount of respect for John Edwads. He based his entire campaign on being a proud strong progressive. On issues, I agreed with John more than Barack.


There is now some talk of an Edwards endorsement. He has met with both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama privately at his house. Meanwhile, the primary is likely coming to a close.

After a string of 11 Obama victories I doubt Edwards is even considering endorsing Senator Clinton.

But as a strong Obama supporter I have only this to say: John Edwards, don't endorse!

My logic is simple. John Edwards is being considered for attorney general in an Obama administration. If he endorses Barack, his appointment to such a post will look like a deal.

It's time for a new type of politics. A politics were people are judged and appointed based on their sheer talent, not cronyism or back-room deals. Regardless if such an appointment really is the result of a deal, an Edwards endorsement would inevitable lead to that perception.

So John, wait it out.